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Mila's Creation

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Her Smile, Your Joy

In the world of Jewellery, the varieties of designs are innumerable, the options of materials are numerous, but what matters is the beauty that lies in each creation.

My creations are exquisite fashion jewellery, created with wire sculpting, weaving, and various stringing techniques.

I incorporate semi-precious minerals such as Amethyst, Quartz, Jasper, Coral, Lapis Lazuli; organic materials such as Pearls and Ambers; and unusual materials which draw my attention such as petrified wood.

"Renaissance, a rebirth" by Sujata Rai Chowdhury is the GOLD WINNER of Pre-Loved to Treasure 2020 Jewellery competition. Sold. Find out more of the winning piece.
"Freedom Necklace" by Sujata Rai Chowdhury is the GOLD WINNER of Fashion Jewellery for Freedom 2021 competition. Sold.

Instagram: milascreations
Facebook: milas.creations

How It All Started

It began when Sujata enrolled for the professional jewellery certification courses at JDMIS. She has now accumulated over seven years of experience in creating jewellery. Browse her certificates below on the courses attended for more information.