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Designer Collaboration

This Christmas we are introducing a limited series designer collaboration. Available only in store.

They will make unique gifts for your loved ones, or for yourself. They can be bought individually, but if you get them as a set, you will enjoy 20% off and receive a special Christmas gift box with a story.

Six limited edition designer collaboration pieces are available:

Bonding Duet ~ Mom & Daughter

Tanzanite-Silver earrings for both Mom & Daughter. "The tanzanite hue represents the joining of the blue sky and the earth’s violet hues, making it a symbol of unity and connection." Collaboration project by Aleta Charm & Juan Jewellery.

生 [shēng]

"The ‘生 [shēng]’ collective is the brainchild of Annyun x byXiu collab. This collective was born out of the artists’ aspirations for new sprouts of hope and beginnings. It embodies the time for self-discoveries, growth, rebirth and renewal."

On the Beach

"Dreaming of a beach holiday - sitting on sand under a flowering tree 🌺, flowers falling off, high tide pulling them into gentle waves 🌊 ..." Collaboration project by Design of Gems & Floral Sonata.

Soulmate Connection ~ A Couple's Choice

"Amethyst helps in strengthening relations which over time helps in having a deeper connection with your soulmate." Collaboration project by Agnes Leong & Blissadora.


“Handcrafted to portray the imagery of flower blooming on a tree” from baroque pearl with traditional metalsmithing. Perfect pairing for friendship necklace. Collaboration project by FloofyWinkle & Glow byM.

Be Bold!

“For the Bold, Passionate & Confident Woman.” Bold & unique with Prehnite and Amethyst. Collaboration project by Glow byM & Hooked on Maille.

Available only in-store!