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Floral Sonata

Floral Sonata handmade fashion jewellery Christina law singapore

"All creations work in concert for the beauty of the Earth"

Be it fresh flowers, metals, clays or stones, in the air or by the seas, they can all be crafted and created in harmony. In beautiful design, wear by beautiful people, to present the best forms that lasts.

 Christina started doing floral designs since 1980 and was in awe by the nature and it’s beautiful botanical creations. She often wondered if we could capture these beautiful moments, in rearranged designs, in prints, and in beautiful petit art forms. Fashion Jewellery seems the way to do so. 



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How It All Started

Christina started making earrings for herself after taking a short jewellery making course during university breaks while studying in Australia in 1992.  Since 2015, she has begun working towards a Diploma in Fashion Jewellery Arts course with JDMIS.

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