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FloofyWinkle handmade fashion jewellery sky seow singapore
Sky is the artist and designer who founded FloofyWinkle. The brand is born out of his believe that every woman must have at least a piece of pearl jewellery in her collection and that times are changing, therefore every guy as well.

 He draws inspiration from Mother Nature and the natural beauty of pearls and crystal gemstones.

PS. The torsade necklace Sky holds is the SILVER WINNER of "Time to Blossom" Best of Season 2022 jewellery competition. Check out the details here

Would you like to find out more of his inspiration behind his designs? Here's an interview with him.

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How It All Started

Sky graduated from professional jewellery certification from JDMIS. He has now accumulated 1 year of experience in designing jewellery. Browse his certificates below for more information on the courses that he attended.