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Time to Blossom - Best of Spring Season 2022

Creative Jewellery Studio Time to Blossom Jewellery Competition

Best of Season competition Spring 2022 Winners are here!

The creations have been judged by a panel of judges and you have voted for the most popular creation!

Winners are.....

Time to Blossom Gold Winner Where Flowers Bloom, so does Hope-Alex Wong

"The current pandemic has caused fears in everyone’s heart. We worry for our loved ones and our dear friends. No winter lasts forever, no spring skip it’s turn. Hence I created this pendant to allow the user to feel as if he/she is opening the window and sees the beauty of spring, flower blossoming and birds are chirping. There will be light at the end of the tunnel. We cannot lose hope and I’m sure with us working together, we will get through this pandemic together. Spring will come and so will happiness and love. Life will get warmer." Alex Wong

Time to Blossom voted most popular Purple Blossom Necklace-Sharon Tan of Blissadora

"The Purple Blossom Necklace comes with a beautiful burst of colours from Amethyst, Morganite and Thulite beads framing a unique ceramic flower pendant. This necklace aims to bring peace and joy to anyone who wears it. Feel all the stress leave your body, the past goes away and look towards a brand new beginning!" Sharon Tan

Time to Blossom Silver Winner Spring Vitality-Sky Seow of FloofyWinkle
"Spring is often associated with strength and colors and this is what this jewelry, Spring Vitality hopes to bring to the wearer. It evokes positivity, strength and beauty. Spring Vitality is created with versatility as well. The owner can have the option to wear it with 2, 4, 6 strands of torsade style, or even split it to make it a 36" long necklace. And this is what Spring is about!" Sky Seow

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Time to Blossom Bronze Winner Lily Pad Blossom earrings-Fern Ong of Satine Gems

"Blossom like this pair of gorgeous Baroque Edison Pearl Lily Pad Earrings in springtime, waiting to bloom into lilies" Fern Ong


Congratulations to the winners and thank you for all the contestants!

Creative Jewellery Studio Time to Blossom Jewellery Competition contestants

 What is the competition about?

The Creative Jewellery Studio sponsored this distinct contest to highlight the broad range of skills, methodologies and design aesthetics that represent Creative Jewellery Studio members and JDMIS Alumni.  

Best of Season competition is conducted once a season - Spring, Summer and Winter - aiming to inspire and empower the creativity of our members. This time the competition theme was "Time to Blossom" - celebrating the season of spring.

21 spectacular creations were submitted using varied techniques of fine, fashion, new metal and traditional metalsmithing, taking a chance in winning and selling the jewellery creations. The pieces are exhibited at CJS boutique and available for sale until Mar 31st. 

The winners were announced on Mar 21st. They won all the fame and accolades!

Competition  Rules:

  1. Theme of the competition: Time to Blossom / Best of Spring
  2. Type of jewellery fabrication technique to be applied: Any
  3. Competition is open to Creative Jewellery Studion members
  4. Contestants are allowed to submit up to three competition pieces. Each submission requires separate registration.
  5. Organisers are allowed to take part in the competition.
  6. All submitted jewellery pieces must be the original work designed/created by the participant.
  7. Contestants can use any materials.
  8. The method used for fabrications of the jewellery pieces must be techniques taught and learnt at JDMIS.
  9. All submissions of competition pieces are to be in physical form.
  10. Each entry must be submitted with a product write-up and photos.
  11. Judging to be conducted by an objective panel of judges and anonymous student feedback. The pieces will be pre-judged on: 1) adherence to the theme; and 2) workmanship; and anonymous final judging: top 3 in terms of creativity & aesthetic appeal.
  12. CJS reserves the rights on the final decision of all the winning entries and the prizes offered to winners of the competition.
  13. CJS reserves the rights to disqualify pieces submitted which do not follow the criteria for the contest
  14. All competition pieces are eligible for sales at CJS.  

Creative Jewellery Studio Co-operative members

 More competitions on your way! Stay tuned!

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