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Design of Gems

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Fine jewellery from Burmese gemstones, handcrafted in Myanmar

Design of Gems was founded by Karoliina as a result of working in Yangon for over three years and falling in love with the beautiful natural gemstones found there. Her passion is handcrafted quality, each piece unique and personal, while giving jobs for talented silversmiths in Myanmar, resulting an ethical "MyDesign" silver-gemstone jewellery collection, genuine pieces to be loved for years to come. 

Karoliina now also makes handcrafted jewellery herself. The free form jewellery is made using new metal (silver clay) and traditional metalsmithing techniques. Silver in clay format is recycled from old x-ray films and electronics, making it  sustainable. Every piece is unique and produced in small quantities by hand. You will have a truly one-of-a-kind, organic piece.

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How It All Started

It began when Karoliina enrolled for the professional jewellery certification courses at JDMIS . She has been professionally trained in various aspects of jewellery making since 2017 and has obtained two diplomas in Fine Jewellery Design as well as Precious Metals Arts.

Browse her certificates below on the courses attended for more information.