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Chit-Chat with our Designers - Michelle Wong for Glow ByM



Next up, we caught up with the designer behind the brand Glow ByM, Michelle Wong.
Chit Chat with Michelle-Glow by M
Launched at the end of 2021, Glow ByM’s brand phrase “Let your inner light shine!” reflects Michelle’s desire for her jewellery pieces to complement daily outfits and reflect your individual vibe and style.  In fact, that had been the driving force and her personal pain point that led her on her journey into the jewellery industry.

She saw the jewellery market flooded with commercial run-of-the-mill pieces and the masses gravitating towards the current trend or look.  In a bid to add special touches to their outfits, customers had however ended up losing their individuality.  Of course, there were jewellery designers that were more daring and marched to the beat of their own drum but their pieces tended to be more costly and not easily accessible.  Not content to be limited in her options, Michelle thus, took the natural step towards learning the craft of jewellery making in an initial effort to create pieces for herself.  Along the way, she’d wanted to offer others an affordable option to unique hand-crafted jewellery pieces as well hence, the start of Glow ByM.
Chuckling when asked what gave her the courage to enter the highly competitive jewellery industry, she suggested that it wasn’t courage rather, a naïve desire to share her vision that the merit of jewellery is diminished when it is commoditised.  From her perspective, jewellery is not merely a sum of the component parts (precious metal, gemstones etc. ) but an expression of oneself, a memory of a loved one, a reminder of life’s major milestones and so much more. 

Under the same moon sterling silver and detachable copper earrings.
Michelle shares that she’s still trying to feel her way around the jewellery industry and its peculiarities.  Sometimes overwhelming, the journey has been fulfilling as she revels in the growth curve and self-discovery.  Her jewellery pieces displayed in the Creative Jewellery Studio is a reflection of this journey, beginning primarily with handmade fashion jewellery pieces with recent additions of hand-crafted necklaces and rings made using traditional metalsmithing techniques.
She draws inspiration from daily life and uses metals and gemstones in jewellery as a medium to express feelings and constantly frets over how she can transform the images in her mind into wearable jewellery.   Admittedly, deviating from current fashion trends come at the expense of commercial success but the creative process is what motivates and keeps her going. 

Copper and moonstone ring. Pearl and aqua glass bead necklace.

We wish her well in her journey and who knows, perhaps she’ll one day find a community of kindred spirits that share in her vision. 

Experience Glow ByM's diverse style in our studio in Queenstown or check them out in our online store.
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