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CJS and JDMIS in local media 💎


JDMIS and Creative Jewellery Studio

were featured on Channel News Asia TV series "In Search of Precious Gemstones" - Episode 3 - "The Royal Blue Sapphire" broadcast in March 2021.

CJS and JDMIS in local media

There are several scenes filmed at JDMIS Queenstown campus (from 37:00 minute onwards). We had a lot of fun with Shahzeem and the filming crew over the 4+ hours of filming!

This is the third episode of a 4-part weekly series about the life of a Singaporean gem dealer, Shahzeem Pasha, and his global journey to source for the finest and rarest gems for his trade.

If you love gemstones, do check it out 😊

Creative Jewellery Studio Designer products were also featured: Alex Wong ring, Design of Gems bangles and cuffs, Kajal Naina necklaces and a ring, Juan Necklaces and ring,  Praem necklaces and Wenny Wei earrings. Visit the studio to check in person.

Episode available for streaming on CNA MeWatch: https://www.mewatch.sg/.../In-Search-of-Precious-Stones...
(from minute 37:00 onward)