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Ayu Pearl

                         Ayu Pearl fine jewellery designer Yasuyo AyukawaAyu Pearl logo fine jewellery designer Yasuyo AyukawaAyu Pearl fine jewellery designer Yasuyo Ayukawa

"High quality pearls set in timeless designs for the sophisticated everyday woman."

The pearl is round, solid, shiny. Its shape represents a circle of energy from the sea, from animals, from humans. The richness and clarity in its colour exemplifies purity in its formation. Its lustre embodies the sincerity and care of the many passionate artisans that had treated it.

This mysterious treasure from the sea comes to life within a playful setting of intricate metalwork and lively colourful gemstones. It transforms from an object of beauty to an object of desire, wearable by any woman, any day, for any occasion.

AYU Pearl offers the highest quality pearls from Japan, Tahiti and the South Sea and re-interprets the traditional yet powerful material with a contemporary European design aesthetic, combining traditional craft and modern technology, extolling art and science in a delicate piece of art.

AYU Pearl presents timeless jewellery for the everyday woman transcending all ages – elegant, beautiful and radiant.

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How It All Started

Yasuyo graduated from professional jewellery certification from JDMIS. She has now accumulated nine years of experience in designing and jewellery. Browse her certificates below for more information on the courses that she attended.