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Jewellery for Humanity Charity event

Second year running our jewellery designers gifted their jewellery creations for sale - proceeds going to Owena (by HCSA Community Services) to help girls who have suffered the complex trauma. 

After a hectic month of preparation and a week of sales 'Jewellery for Humanity' 2022 event is complete and closed!  For those who've missed out on the event, here's what happened!

Thank You!

With support from our sponsors, jewellery designers and customers, 21 pieces of one-of-a-kind jewellery were sold and the proceeds were donated for HCSA Community Services, supported by Gold Tree Foundation.

Jewellery for Humanity Donation to HCSA

Donation of proceeds: Ms. Kim Lang Khalil, CEO (HCSA Community Services) with Ms. Tanja Sadow, Founder & Dean (JDMIS). Front center.

Grand Lucky Draw

The grand lucky draw followed the donation of sales proceeds, with prizes such as Singapore edition Monopoly board game, rum and gemstones, all gifted by our generous sponsors.

Jewellery for Humanity Grand Lucky Draw

Jewellery for Humanity Grand Lucky Draw
Mr. Baba Flin (Le Craftsmen) draw the lucky winners. 

CONGRATULATIONS to our 12 Grand Luck Draw winners!

Daily Lucky Draw and Free Gifts

Jewellery for Humanity customers also received free gifts and had a chance in winning a pair of handcrafted earrings on our daily lucky draw.

Jewellery for Humanity Charity event

Jewellery for Humanity Daily Lucky Draw

Winner of the first Daily Lucky Draw!

21 Pieces of Unique Jewellery Sold

Jewellery for Humanity Opening Sale

Our first customer opening the sales for the charity event.

Jewellery for Humanity Charity Products

Some of the jewellery sold during the event.


Please accept our heartfelt gratitude to our generous sponsors, jewellery designers, customers who had purchased the jewellery pieces and not least, the beneficiaries who had given us the opportunity to do our part and give back to our community. 

Jewellery for Humanity team

Opening day team!

Jewellery for Humanity Charity event

Jewellery for Humanity Charity event

 Thank you for your support 💕