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Glow ByM Jewellery Design

‘Let your inner light shine!’

Coming alive through colour-play, quirky geometric shapes and sleek lines, each of our jewellery pieces are made with silver and humble components such as semi-precious gems and freshwater pearls.  Style and mix these accessible earrings, rings and necklaces to express your attitude of the day, be it dark, chill or simply fearless. RAWR.

Add some shine to your daily outfits with our designs that reflect the vibes and attitudes we want to express.  

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How It All Started

It all began, years back, when mass produced fashion jewellery did not meet Michelle's need to express herself and complement her style.  Since then, she has been trained and utilise professional fashion jewellery techniques to hand-craft one-of-a-kind pieces tailored to specific needs.  Browse her certificates below on the courses attended for more information.