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Chit-Chat with our Designers - Sky Seow for FloofyWinkle

CJS Chit Chat

 'Chit-Chat with our designer' is a new blog series where we delve into the minds of our CJS designers to find out more about what makes them tick and what inspired them in their creations.

In this episode, we spoke to Sky Seow for the brand FloofyWinkle. 

Chit Chat with Sky FloofyWinkle

FloofyWinkle, now, that is an interesting choice for a brand name and naturally the origin of the brand name, our first question.  

In a rare reveal, Sky shared a picture of the real boss and namesake behind the brand 'FloofyWinkle'.  Turns out, we had mistaken Sky for the boss of the brand when in fact he is just the spokesperson. Check out the intense focus on 'The Boss'.  No wonder, the brand has been doing well since it was launched in November 2021.  


Chit Chat with Sky FloofyWinkle

Bursting on the Creative Jewellery Studio scene, the newly-minted brand, FloofyWinkle has been successful in enticing customers into the world of affordable pearl jewellery.  Designer and spokesperson behind the brand, Sky Seow (graduate of JDMIS' Fashion Jewellery Arts Diploma and JDMIS jewellery Marketing certification courses) took some time to share his design inspiration and aspirations with the CJS blog team.

Well-dressed, affable  and soft spoken, Sky is the embodiment of his jewellery creations; elegantly designed pearl and natural crystal based jewellery pieces to complement the wearer.  In Sky’s point-of-view, beauty is abundant in Mother Nature’s creations and inspires him in his many pearl and natural crystal jewellery designs.  He believes that all natural materials from the Earth have an innate beauty and takes it upon himself to draw them out, showcasing them in his jewellery pieces.

FloofyWinkle Spring Vitality

 A prolific designer, Sky presents a wide selection of jewellery styles and pieces in the hope that everyone would be able to find something to meet their needs!  Like the ubiquitous green colour in nature, it’s his desire for customers to find jewellery pieces that can be worn to complement any outfit.

From his inspiration source and choice of materials, Sky’s jewellery creations are undoubtedly an expression for his love of Mother Nature but his true passion lies in pearls.  Through careful observation of natural baroque pearls, he was fascinated with their unique qualities and that drove his ambition to highlight each pearl’s best form in his pearl jewellery collection.  He believes that everyone deserves to have a piece of pearl jewellery, should be affordable and should not be limited to women. It’s his hope that the current trend under the influence of Hollywood and Korean pop culture of men wearing pearls become a mainstay for men’s accessories, and that every man and woman can own a piece of his creation!

FloofyWinkle Pearls

Jewellery has been used by men and women for over 8000 years as adornment and he believes that the desire to look good will be here to stay.  We have no doubt too that FloofyWinkle and Sky will continue to amaze us with their beautiful creations!

View more of FloofyWinkle creations in our studio in Queenstown or check them out online.


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“Jewellery does not equate to precious gemstones and high price tags. You can look good with affordable pieces and let these jewellery pieces work their magic and make you look good!”  - Sky Seow (FloofyWinkle)