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Gold Winner - Renaissance, A Rebirth by Sujata Rai Chowdhury

Renaissance, a rebirth by Sujara Rai Chowdhury - Gold Winner Pre-Loved to Treasure

Congratulations to Sujata for her win on Pre-Loved to Treasure competition 2020.

We are engulfed in a world of plastics, where we prioritise our conveniences, overlooking the adversities to the environment, the wildlife, the marine life, and humans. Millions of animals are killed by plastic every year, caused by entanglement or starvation. Now is the time to revolutionise!

Plastic folders, which are a mandatory inventory for office supplies, have been used for this project. Cutting them into small pieces and carefully forming them into various shapes by individually melting the pieces around a candle, each little part of the necklace was created first. Using each little piece, given their respective shapes, the accent flowers were created, and the little petals were strewn together adding a soft pastel look. Spanning over numerous hours, my little contribution to save the environment came alive, adding a touch of vibrance and a new purposeful meaning.

Renaissance, a rebirth made from plastic folder