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Pre-Loved to Treasure Jewellery Design and Fabrication Competition Winners

Pre-Loved to Treasure Jewellery contestants have submitted their upcycled creations and designs. Judges have completed the judging and you have voted for the most popular Treasure!

Now it is the time to announce the winners for 2020 Pre-Loved to Treasure Competition!

Congratulations to all winners,Ā lucky draw winners and contestants!

Special thank you for theĀ final judges:

Bernie Xu -Ā Creative practice is his passion. Bernie is Head of the School of Fashion and Design at the MDIS.
Genevieve Woo -Ā Ā Familiar to most in Asia from her role as producer, editor and anchor at Channel News Asia.

Nora Tan - Strategic development & sustainability reporting manager at Singapore Environment Council (SEC).

Ā And a heart felt thank you for the competition supporters

Ā See you soon with more exciting competitions!


This is where the designers and artisans took something pre-loved and converted it into new and exiting jewellery to wear.

The competition was tight among the top five contestants and after all the criteria judged the top two were in tie!Ā 

Special thank you forĀ our prize sponsor JDMIS who decided to award two winners!

They are:

Sujata's "Renaissance, a rebirth" uses plastic folders to raise the awarenessĀ how the world is engulfed in plastics.Ā Read the full story.

Kevin's "Fauna" isĀ a tribute to the AnimalĀ Kingdom and a commentary on Mankindā€™s troubled relationship with itsĀ subjects.Ā Read the full story.

Sujata and Kevin have both won:
* JDMIS $500 Course Voucher

* Creative Jewellery Studio 6-month Gold Membership

Congratulations both to Sujata and Kevin for their win!

Congratulations also to top five contestants:


This is where the designers took something pre-loved and converted it into an exciting new design.

We are pleased to announce the Design Category Winner:

Kajal's "Flight of Fantasy" introduces a modern look on client's pre-lovedĀ traditional agate huluĀ of high sentimental value.Ā Read the full story.

Kajal won:
* JDMIS $500 Course Voucher

* Creative Jewellery Studio 6-month Gold Membership

Ā AndĀ theĀ Design CategoryĀ Runner-up is:

Neelam's "Coeixtence" revolves around the idea of Balance [50:50], depicting theĀ importance of co existence with mother nature in harmony. Read the full story.

Neelam won:

* Creative Jewellery Studio 6-month Silver Membership

Congratulations both to Kajal and Neelam!


This is a new award to celebrate theĀ creative use of non-jewellery materials. Six submissions used materials like wooden pegs, bone from a meal, plastic folders, cushion covers, toothpaste, shampoo and toilet cleaner containers as well as coins! Find our more!

TheĀ Organizer's ChoiceĀ Winner was made usingĀ toothpaste tube, shampoo and toilet cleaner containers:

Robert won:

* Creative Jewellery Studio 6-month Gold Membership

Congratulations to Robert!


945 people from 32 countries voted on-line for their favorite.

The Winner is:

Kajal Naina - "Flight of Fantasy"Ā 

Ā Congratulations to Kajal!

Ā What is the Significance of this Competition?

An annual event "Earth Day" is celebrated around the world to demonstrate support for environmental protection. This year was the 50th anniversary. Celebrating Earth Day serves as a conscious reminder of how fragile our planet is and how important it is to protect it.

CJS wants to play a part in Environmental protection

Ā  A year ago CJS was invited to Takashimaya department store in a ā€œSparkle New Joyā€ Upcycled jewellery themed pop-up and what fun we had creating new pieces from pre-loved items! This year we wished to take this concept to the next level as a competition!

JDMIS students were invited to take part in this fun, but meaningful ā€˜Pre-Loved to Treasureā€™ Up-cycled Jewellery Competition.Ā 

The key objective was to encourage designers to go green and to think ā€˜out-of-the-boxā€™ by using more sustainable materials through re-use and repurpose, instead of using new materials from mother earth in their creation.

Theme of 2020 competition was "Mother Earth".

10% of the sales proceeds from submitted up-cycled and repurposed jewellery piecesĀ areĀ donated to environmental charity - Singapore Environment Council.Ā The council has long history in environmental programs which helped us create demand for sustainable jewellery through publicity.Ā Collaboration with SEC canĀ bring long term benefits on developing a more environmentally friendly jewellery market.

    Ā The inaugural 2020 competitionĀ was open from Mar 3rd to Jul 13th, judging was completed in Aug and on-line popular voting was open for 2.5 weeks in Aug. The winners were announced on Sep 3rd.Ā 

    WinnersĀ were selected in following areas:

    1. Upcycled jewellery category
    2. Design category
    3. Organizer's Choice (category 1 & 2 combined)
    4. On-line popular vote (category 1 & 2 combined)

    Contestants were judged on following criteria by the panel of judges:

    1. min 70% use of upcycled / recycled materials
    2. Adherence to the theme
    3. Comfort of wearing
    4. Durability and workmanship
    5. Creative use of up-cycled materials
    6. Beauty and aesthetic appeal

    Thank you to all contestants for participating in this meaningful competition!

    Competition supported by