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Coexistence by Neelam Lara - Design Cat. Runner-Up

Congratulations to Neelam for her win on Pre-Loved to Treasure competition.

To celebrate Earth day at 50. Neelam has chosen Contrast as the main principle of design. Her piece revolves around the idea of Balance [50:50], depicting the importance of co existence with mother nature in harmony.

The neckpiece depicts how seemingly opposite forces, may actually be complimentary and interdependent, just like the Yin and Yang symbol. She designed a neck piece where the web of human life and  industrialisation contrasts with the bountiful Nature.

We humans, have been at loggerheads with Mother Earth, constantly encroaching on the forests, mountains and oceans and have often abused Mother earth with our selfishness. 

We must not overpower Mother Earth but must simply live in a harmonious COEXISTENCE.

About the piece

To depict the contrasting forces I have chosen the Yin yang symbol for my neckpiece. The pendant is made in both silver and gold. 

The left side is made in textured silver. Criss cross metal strips and simple geometric blocks represent Construction and Industrialisation. Both layering of metal (with metal strips and wires) and metal cut out techniques have been used. Baguette diamonds and empty block cut outs are scattered and symbolise building blocks of life. The off white pearl above the house roof, depicts the Sun, (meaning light and hope).

The right, golden side of the pendant made in 14k gold depicts The bountiful Nature. The grey pearl depicts the glowing moon. The flora and fauna are depicted as cut-outs and as metal layering. 2 citrine stone in stone has been used to depict flowers in bud stage, signifying new life. Marquise diamonds depict leaves. The birds flying (as metal cut-out) shows freedom.

The circular pendant is approximately 2.75 inch in diameter, is in slight dome shape. The Pearls are partly embedded. The scattering of diamonds add sparkle to the pendant. The chain in silver is kept long and doubles around the neck to balance the large striking pendant. One large rock crystal bead finds its place in the centre of the chain. The chain is block like and bold to reinforce human over-bearance on mother Earth.

The pendant signifies balance of life and the importance of COEXISTENCE.