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Ful Mala Mangalsutra
Ful Mala Mangalsutra

Ful Mala Mangalsutra

Kajal Naina
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Mangalsutra necklace depicts the beautiful union of a couple and is worn as a symbol of marriage in Hindu culture. It's a promise between life partners that they will always stay together.

The Black Beads in the necklace are meant for absorbing the negative vibrations and protection from evil eyes as the couple starts their beautiful life together.

One of the most memorable moments of any marriage is the Varmala ceremony. With this Mangalsutra, Kajal wanted to capture that mix of overwhelming emotions and fun we experience as we put on the Ful Mala on our Man and as he drops the mala on the new bride sealing the deal. It represents the start of something really special and beautiful that is going to pave the path of their life for a unique journey filled with blessings, love and trust. 

14K Yellow Gold 4.50g
Round Brilliant Diamonds G-H/Si 0.323ct


Length: 18 Inches, adjustable to 16 & 17 Inches