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Esha Sun Moon Mangalsutra

Esha Sun Moon Mangalsutra

Kajal Naina
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An exceptional necklace that celebrates the beautiful sun and moon and promises a fulfilling life from the groom to his bride.
Esha has multiple meanings like Desire, Woman, Life, Way of Life, The one who protects, Female Energy which is so awesome, and the name “Esha” is so perfect here. You’re free to interpret it as and how it fits your life!
The Esha Mangalsutra incorporates the meaning of the sun and the moon, which are seen as polar opposites of night and day but still need each other to function and are incomplete without one another. We celebrate the collision of two worlds… Sun and Moon, Man and Woman.

Whoever you are, wherever you are, you can use this necklace to create your own promises to your partner, to celebrate your relationship, the things you have in common, and even your differences.

Its elegant yet simple design allows it to be worn time and time again without it losing its charm. The 7 black beads on each side of the sun and moon serve to provide protection from evil as the next chapter of your life begins.

14K Gold 3.90g
Round Brilliant Diamonds G-H/Si 0.105ct