MyDesign of Gems - Fine jewelry from natural gemstones handcrafted in Myanmar.

We have a deep love for natural gemstones. Our passion is handcrafted quality, custom made for you, personal pieces that are as unique as you are. A little bit Nordic and a little bit Asian, a lot you! We believe jewelry must be genuine and last for years to come, but still be affordable. We prefer to work with local craftsmen of gemstone cutters, silver and goldsmiths to spread the economic benefits for a wider population. Your custom-made piece will help the small craftsmen and their families in Myanmar by giving them good job opportunities and an outlook for the future.


MyDesign of Gems was founded by Karoliina as a result of working in Yangon for over three years and falling in love with the beautiful natural gemstones found there. She consequently decided to change the direction of her career and completed a Diploma course for fine jewellery design.


While Karoliina is originally from Finland, she has lived a long time in Asia and that’s where her home is. Her favourite design period is Art Deco, but in her own designs, she likes to mix Nordic minimalism and Asian vibrant colors, including some classic and ethnic elements at times.

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