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Join CJS Co-Operative

Are you JDMIS Jewellery progam graduate?

Are you thinking about becoming a jewellery entrepreneur? 

The prospect of transforming your passion into a lucrative business is exciting. But if you are new to entrepreneurship, the thought of building your own business up from scratch probably fills you with uncertainty as well.

As a JDMIS graduate you are invited to join our Creative Jewellery Studio community! With a vast pool of resources available for you at JDMIS, you definitely won't be alone in figuring out how to start your business and make things work.

CJS serves as an entrepreneurship incubator - providing you a chance to practice your trade together within the community sharing the effort and cost of starting new business. The co-operative is supported by JDMIS, while operated by the members.

CJS Guiding Principles - Four Cs


Members provide support mentorshiping to one another while developing their brands and business confidence. Working together, CJS members contribute to the wider society promoting sustainable jewellery concepts.


All members of the CJS contribute their time, passion and expertise to ensure the smooth running and success of the establishment and any projects or events it runs.


Working together in a conducive environment inspires new ideas. Opportunities such as co-creation of contest pieces, special joint events, and exciting projects lead to even greater synergies.


There is strength in numbers! CJS members bring very diverse experiences, skills and connections to share with the co-operative. Together they can achieve more than as independent designers.

Co-operative membership benefits

  No commission
  Product showcases in CJS
  Utilize studio for customer consultations
  Online store
  Opportunities to participate in external events

  Attend CJS and JDMIS events


Open for JDMIS all graduates and alumni


Ready to join the community?

Begin with free membership. Upgrade any time.

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