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Jewellery Design and Fabrication Competition - Pre-Loved to Treasure’

Pre-Loved to Treasure Jewellery contestants have submitted their upcycled creations and designs. Judges have completed the judging!

Now it is your turn to choose your favorite and take a chance in winning a $50 voucher to CJS!


On-line popular voting: Aug 10th - 26th
Winner Announcement: Sept 4th
Week of Celebration: Phase 3

Significance of Environmental protection

 Since 1970, Earth Day has been an annual event celebrated around the world on April 22nd to demonstrate support for environmental protection. Celebrating Earth Day serves as a conscious reminder of how fragile our planet is and how important it is to protect it.

CJS wants to play a part in Environmental protection

  A year ago CJS was invited to Takashimaya department store in a “Sparkle New Joy” Upcycled jewellery themed pop-up and what fun we had creating new pieces from pre-loved items! This year we wish to take this concept to the next level as a competition!

We invite all JDMIS current and former students to take part in this fun, but meaningful ‘Pre-Loved to Treasure’ Up-cycled Jewellery Competition. 

Join us for an exciting jewellery design and fabrication competition - and take a chance in winning and selling your repurposed, upcycled and recycled jewellery creations at a special week of Earth celebrations!

The key objective is to encourage designers to go green and to think ‘out-of-the-box’ by using more sustainable materials through re-use and repurpose, instead of using new materials from mother earth in their creation.

CJS will also organise a sales event at our studio where 10% of the sales proceeds from submitted designers’ up-cycled and repurposed jewellery pieces will be donated to environmental charity.  CJS members are invited to bring in special upcycled pieces for the Earth Week Celebration.

Participants of the competition stand a chance to win CJS memberships and other exciting prizes. CJS also reserves the right to purchase the winning entries for exhibition and sales at our studio.

Competition schedule:

  • Announcement: Mar 3rd
  • Registration open: Jul 1st
  • Submission of competition piece/s to CJS Studio:
    • Upcycled Jewellery Category - MON JULY 13th
    • Design Category -  MON JULY 20th
  • Judging of submitted pieces: Jul 14th - Aug 8th
  • On-line popular voting: Aug 10th -  26th
  • Announcement of winners: Sept 4th
  • Week of Celebration & Award Ceremony: Phase 3

Winners will be selected in three areas:

  1. Upcycled jewellery category: : 1st Place, Runner-up
  2. Design category: 1st Place, Runner-up
  3. New: Best overseas actual piece submitted
  4. On-line popular vote (category 1 & 2 combined)

You have a chance to win:

1.  Category 1 & 2 Winners: 
$500 JDMIS certificate course voucher (T&C 14.1)
CJS Gold membership for 6 months (value $900) (T&C 14.2)
2.  Category 1 & 2 Runner-ups:
CJS Silver membership for 6 months (value $300) (T&C 14.3)
All categories - publicity and 2020 Pre-Loved to Treasure winner  certificate

    Competition Environmental Partner:

    Proceeds from competition registration fees and any sales will be donated to Singapore Environmental Council (non-profit and non-governmental organization) The council has long history in environmental programs and can help us to create demand for our jewellery through publicity. Our competition is the very first jewellery initiative! Collaboration with SEC can bring long term benefits on developing a more environmentally friendly jewellery market.

    Competition  Rules:

    1. Theme of the competition: Mother Earth
    2. Competition is open to all current and former students of JDMIS.
    3. Organizers are not allowed to take part in the competition.
    4. All submitted jewellery pieces must be the original work designed/created by the participant.
    5. The method used for fabrications of the up-cycled jewellery pieces must be jewellery techniques taught and learnt at JDMIS.
    6. Two categories for submission:
      1. Physical jewellery pieces from upcycled material
      2. Design from a physical item to be upcycled
    7. For both categories, estimated min 70% of the materials used must be from recycled/upcycled materials: the materials used could be recycled jewellery parts, fabrics, paper, wood, plastic, recycled silver, gold or even gemstones & pearls from old jewellery pieces etc. / CJS has a stock of donated pre-loved jewellery.
    8. All submission are to be in physical form and must reach CJS (JDMIS, 501 Stirling Road, MDIS Campus, F1075) by
      1. Upcycled Jewellery (physical) category: 13th JULY 5pm
      2. Design category: 20th JULY 5pm
    9. Each entry must be submitted together with a write-up detailing what are the recycled materials used.
      1. Upcycled Jewellery (physical) category:Photos of 'before and after' images of the materials used are compulsory.
      2. Design category: Rendered design and image of physical piece to be upcycled are compulsory
    10. Each submitted physical piece must be priced for retail sales. If a set, sale will be also as a set. Each submitted design can be priced for custom order. Any piece submitted can be also be "not for sale".
    11. A registration fee of $20 per entry is paid on-line, link provided in the registration. 50% of the registration fee proceeds will be donated to the environmental charity.
    12. Judging is conducted by an objective panel of judges led by Tanja Sadow. The submitted pieces will be judged on equal criteria of: 1) Creative use of up-cycled materials; 2) Beauty and aesthetic appeal; 3) adherence to the theme; 4) Comfort of wearing; and 5) Durability and workmanship.
    13. CJS reserves the rights on the final decision of all the winning entries and the prizes offered to winners of the competition.
    14. Terms and conditions of prizes:
      1. Winners are allowed to use JDMIS course voucher for cross training - designers to learn practical skills, and hands-on artists design skills.
      2. Winners are given free Gold Studio Membership for 6 months, but are expected to contribute in time (10.5 hours/month) as they as advancing their own business. Winners are eligible to swap to virtual membership or upgrade to platinum level.
      3. Runner-ups are given free Silver Studio Membership for 6 months, but are expected to contribute in time (21 hours/month) as they as advancing their own business. Winners are eligible to swap to virtual membership or upgrade to higher levels.

     We are calling out to all JDMIS students to join us in this meaningful green event and get your creative juice oozing for a good cause. Impress the world with your creativity and show them that even with recycled/upcycled materials, you can create beautiful and functional jewellery pieces to be adorned and treasured.

    Thank your for registering for the competition.

    Competition supported by